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TherachlorThe energy efficient Therachlor Mineral Chlorinator has been designed with your needs in mind. It syndicates a sleek design with easy to use navigation. This allows all the functionality and flexibility you need to create the perfect control unit. Compatible with mineral and salt pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm. This is available in 25g and 35g

Therachlor SMC chlorinator represents the next generation in swimming pool chlorination technology. Completely automated and featuring a Switch Mode power supply, Therachlor is an extremely energy efficient swimming pool sanitation system. It will save you time and money and reduce your carbon footprint while continuing to provide a cleaner and healthier pool. With an easy to use digital interface and a backlit LCD, Therachlor is simple to set up and operate.

Features & Benefits
• Chlorinator compatible with all salt and mineral water pools operating at a low TDS level of 3000ppm. This is up to a 50% reduction when compared to traditional salt pools.
• Switch Mode power supply for greater energy efficiency.
• Switch Mode power supply providing greater cell output per cm2.
• Switch Mode power supply significantly reduces internal heating, providing greater longevity of all internal components.
• Pump protection power cut-off.
• Backlit LCD display.
• Dual layered LCD display for easy viewing.
• Digital interface with simple software navigation menu.
• Reverse polarity cell with self-cleaning capability.
• Slimline power pack for reduced unit size.
• Rubber inserts moulded onto cell head for easy cell removal.
• Transparent cell housing for easy visual access.
• Innovative internal cell design improves water hydrodynamics over the electrodes.
• Cell electrodes constructed from the highest-grade titanium for increased cell lifespan.
• Single button Shock feature with variable running time between 1 – 24hrs.
• Re-engineered cell connection terminals simplify connection and reduce corrosion.

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