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Copy of ThA Pool Manager Expansion Module Label 2 Mock up 1Easy to use automation for your pool. Link your pool with your lifestyle. Manage and control your pool, spa, heating requirements and garden lighting from the palm of your hand, in one easy to use app, from the comfort of your lounge or anywhere you would like to be.

Designed to also remove the hassle from pool and spa operation, Pool+ Manager brings ease to owning and operating a swimming pool. No more climbing into difficult filter boxes, operating pumps, lights and heaters from different locations or turning pool and garden lights on and off from different devices. Enjoy the freedom and control of activating your pool with your smartphone, with Theralux Active™ Pool+ Manager.

Connecting with your lifestyle, you can now leave work and with just a touch, have your spa heated and bubbling away for when you arrive home.

Features & Benefits
• 2 standard GPO’s plus 3 per expansion module
• 4 actuators which control the flow of water to different pool equipment
• Manage up to 8 power sockets with 2 expansion modules
• Includes pump speed control
• Set up to 4 different filtration times

Equipment you can control
• Filter Pump
• Cleaning Pump
• Chlorinator
• Solar (pump or valve)
• Gas Heater
• Heat Pump
• Water Features
• Spa
• Spa Blower
• Spa Light
• Garden Light and more!
• Jet Pump

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